Why us

○ bliss isn’t just a business, it’s a lifestyle: we’ll be there for you when you need us, not just between 9-to-5


○ We’re well connected, and regularly place coverage in the mainstream media, including OK!, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC, Evening Standard, Metro etc,


○ We're well connected and regularly place clients across a broad spectrum of media, from The Guardian and BBC News to relevant blogs and leading ethnic press


○ We love talking to you and we promise to listen


○ We know that one size DOESN’T fit all. Your bliss will be different to someone else’s, which is why we offer a personalised service that’s tailored to you


○ We’re experts at crafting pitches, so we’ll send the right message to the right people


○ We believe in quality over quantity: everything we do is customised and individually targeted to achieve the best results


○ We’re media savvy – with 15 years experience, we know how to write relevant materials that people will want to read


○ We're constantly evolving and won't get left behind – so neither will you